Dear visitor of KNDS Tracks,

As a producer, supplier and exporter of defence technology products, we have a special responsibility in current global politics. This is why our actions are particularly strictly regulated. We strictly adhere to all these legal regulations and fulfil our responsibilities.

As a company with a rich history, we have built up an outstanding reputation over the decades. This reputation is based on the performance of our employees and the values we live by at KNDS Tracks. Managing directors, managers and employees are obliged to comply with national and international law and to observe the principles of fair competition.

To this end, we have jointly established a system of guidelines, obligations and procedures within the KNDS Group that has proven its worth over a long period of time - also when working with our business partners at home and abroad.

The core elements of this system include the KNDS Ethics Charter, the KNDS Declaration of Principles on Respect for Human Rights and the prevention of corruption.

The KNDS Group provides all employees of the KNDS Group, as well as customers, suppliers and other third parties, with a digital whistleblowing system for reporting suspected cases or offences.

As the management of KNDS Deutschland Tracks GmbH, we take compliance with existing law and our values very seriously and expect you to support us in this. We want our world to be safer - not only through our technologies, but also through our behaviour. This is our daily task.


Yours sincerely

KNDS Deutschland Tracks GmbH, Management


Musbah Al-Mansour Andreas Bellscheidt


Ethics CharterDeclaration of principles on respect for human rights



Reporting Compliance Violations


Compliance with laws and the KNDS Ethics Charter is a top priority for the KNDS Group. In order to live up to this claim, it is important to learn of possible misconduct at an early stage and to follow it up immediately.

The KNDS Group provides all employees of the KNDS Group, as well as customers, suppliers and other third parties, with reporting channels for submitting indications of compliance violations.


Digital whistleblowing system
The KNDS Group Integrity Line offers the possibility of reporting violations at any time and in various languages via an Internet-based communication platform – anonymously if desired. Incoming reports are always treated confidentially. At the same time, by setting up a protected mailbox, you can receive feedback on the status of processing and answer follow-up questions about your report.


Access to the KNDS Integrity Line


Other reporting channels
Reports can also be sent to the Group Compliance Department by mail or e-mail:

KNDS Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Krauss-Maffei Str. 11
80997 Munich
Email: compliance (at)

For more information on the principles of the complaints procedure and the process flow for potential human rights and environmental violations in the supply chain, please refer to the Rules of Procedure.