An environmentally oriented approach for all activities is a key component of the KNDS Group enterprise policy, and thus also at KNDS Tracks.

KNDS Tracks activities comply with national and European environmental regulations and reflect the company’s endeavour to continuously improve on environmental protection standards.

The main points of this environmental policy are:

  • KNDS Tracks products and production processes are designed to keep environmental pollution as low as possible
  • For each new activity, process and product, KNDS Tracks investigates and evaluates the likely environmental impact in advance
  • KNDS Tracks continuously endeavours to minimise emissions in its exhaust air and waste water
  • KNDS Tracks defines environmental protection as a management task and initiates training sessions and regular instruction of all employees
  • With regard to environmental protection, KNDS Tracks closely cooperates with the authorities on the basis of mutual trust.

In addition to environmental protection measures, KNDS Tracks maintains an open information policy as part of its corporate behaviour guidelines.


“Every stage of our production process is stringently controlled to fulfil all environmental standards.”