KNDS Track-Pads

The innovative KNDS Track Pad has been developed for maximum durability in the widest range of operational conditions, climate zones and soil types. Incorporating KNDS Tracks high-performance rubber compound (HP-F), these pads are particularly suitable for highly mobile forces and vehicles operating in both urban and wilderness environments.

KNDS Track Pads are the first design that fulfils conflicting requirements such as high stability in rocky terrain and fast road speed. A variety of rubber mixtures are available that can be tailored to suit specific terrain conditions and mission criteria.

KNDS Track Pad trial results and references

The photographs show the HP-F rubber compound track pads (mounted left) and standard track pads (mounted right) after trials on different fighting vehicles in rocky terrain and at high ambient temperature. Both pad types were mounted on the same vehicle and have travelled the same distance under the same conditions.

“No need for extra screws or bolts: KNDS Tracks unique Quick-Fit® system makes it easier for me to replace pads or grousers on KNDS system tracks than on any of its competitors.”


The Quick-Fit® system for Track-Pads and Traction-aids

The patented Quick-Fit® system incorporates a bayonet principle for a quick and easy exchangeability of pads. Bolts and screws are not required and the replacement of individual components can be carried out by a single engineer in the field.

This system also enables Pads to be replaced with traction-aids which greatly increase traction for additional mobility in difficult terrain.