From the initial development stage to final delivery, all production steps are geared towards achieving ever higher standards of quality, safety and durablility throughout the product life cycle.

In order to meet these requirements, all components are subjected to 100% testing after almost every process step. This procedure contributes decisively to KNDS tracks being regarded worldwide as the most reliable tracks for armoured vehicles. Qualification trials are conducted to demonstrate product capabilities in all climates and in any terrain. KNDS Tracks has received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification for quality control, environmental standards and energy management.

Product verification for the entire process chain

After all material requirements have been fulfilled, the quality management process is continued in internal facilities where each component is put through demanding real-life simulation tests.

Track pads are tested for durability under conditions that simulate operational road wear.

A track component during a 4-point torsional stress test that precisely targets the areas most affected by tank movements.