Defence Lightweight Tracks (DLT)

Introduced in 2008 and manufactured to the same high standards as their illustrious predecessor, Defence Lightweight Tracks (DLT) take modern track technology to new levels and provide a strategic expansion to the DST product portfolio. The skeleton steel track design enables a weight reduction of up to 30 % without compromising safety or functionality.

Comprehensive simulations have enabled the specifically targeted weight optimisation of all components, resulting in a track that provides exceptional agility in any terrain. Despite their sleek design, these tracks carry extremely heavy vehicles with a total weight of 70 metric tons, and are currently in service with AIFVs such as the PUMA and Marder, and also with MBTs including the Leclerc, M60 and the LEOPARD 2.


The lightweight solution for increased payload

Defence Lightweight Tracks (DLT) incorporate maximum efficiency in an innovative design. The weight saved through the use of these tracks enables extra capabilities in other parts of the vehicle in important features such as crew and vehicle protection.

  • Optimised design using state-of-the-art technologies for maximum strength using less material
  • Crank-shaped outline for a consistent wheel path and smooth, low-vibration running
  • Skeleton steel track body for an unrivalled weight/performance ratio