KNDS Tracks has over 50 years of experience in close cooperation with manufacturers and users of tanks and armoured vehicles worldwide. In 1959, KNDS Tracks started remanufacturing tracks for the vehicles of the occupying forces stationed in Germany. The valuable know-how acquired during these early years in developing high-quality solutions to meet a wide variety of different fleet requirements became firmly anchored in the company’s DNA.

New tracks were first developed for the new Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), Tank Hunters, Howitzers and Missile Carriers of the German Federal Army, which replaced the US American vehicles that had been in use since 1955.

The next major breakthrough was achieved with the development of the KNDS Steel System Track for the Main Battle Tank (MBT) LEOPARD 1. This was the first track to be equipped with replaceable rubber pads using the patented Quick-Fit® principle which has revolutionised track maintenance.


Consistently leading the market in cost-effectiveness

For many years, KNDS System Tracks have proven to be the most reliable, durable and easily serviced products available. Combined with reduced personnel and service costs, this provides the best value for money throughout the life cycle.


A track system is only as strong as its weakest link. It is only through the perfect interplay of track links, road wheels, support rollers, idler wheels, damper rings and sprockets from one supplier that longevity and reliability can be guaranteed even in the most demanding environment.

Whether for the 3 ton light Weapons Carrier Wiesel with 64 kW or the 70 ton heavy Main Battle Tank LEOPARD 2 with more than 1100 kW, KNDS Steel System and Lightweight Tracks as well as Rubber Band Tracks enable the optimum transfer of engine performance to the ground for unrivalled efficiency and mobility.