Defene Band Tracks (DBT)

KNDS Tracks is the only manufacturer worldwide that offers both endless and segmented band tracks, developed and produced in-house. KNDS Band Tracks were designed to reduce weight, noise and vibration and to improve crew comfort.

Defence Band Tracks (DBT) feature joints by which they can be disassembled into easily carried segments. This considerably facilitates track assembly on the vehicle as well as transportation and storage. With this patented solution, it is even possible for crew members to replace track sections in the field, restoring vehicle mobility in a fraction of the time previously required, unlike traditional band tracks which can only be replaced in the workshop or by lifting the entire vehicle.


Cutting-edge rubber/metal technology

Torsional stability, lateral force take-up and lateral guidance are key requirements for band track systems. Defence Band Tracks (DBT) are reinforced with various steel, wire, mesh and polymer components to ensure the perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity on soft and rough terrain.

  • Steel-reinforced centre guide for smooth and consistent wheel engagement
  • Market-leading wear-resistant rubber compound for running tread and inside surfaces
  • Stable glass fibre traverses provide high stability and resistance to peak loads