With over 40 variants currently in service, this is KNDS Tracks most widespread track solution for vehicles between 3 and 70 metric tons including the LEOPARD 2, T72, M 109 and C1 Ariete, providing excellent manoeuverability and optimal traction even in difficult terrain such as deep sand, mud, ice and snow.

Defence System Tracks (DST) are renowned for their intelligent design, incorporating the Quick-Fit® system for replacing track pads and grousers that make them the easiest tracks to handle and maintain in the field.

In addition, due to their long service life based on selected materials, optimised production processes and a mature product design, life cycle costs are reduced to a minimum.


Designed for durability

Defence System Tracks (DST) are comprised of double-pin casted steel sections with design features that set them apart from the competition.

  • Secure fastening bolts that never require re-tightening after the running-in process
  • Double-pin monoblock body for reduced torsion stress of the track body, avoiding pin bending and leading to a longer lifespan
  • Rubberised pin for flexible, maintenance-free bushing

„KNDS tracks inspire confidence, no matter where your mission takes you. You can push your fleet through the most difficult terrain in the knowledge that you’ll come through safely.”