Welcome to KNDS Tracks

KNDS Deutschland Tracks GmbH is a world leader in the development and manufacture of track systems and running gear components for tanks and armoured vehicles. Currently, over 100 different track solutions are in use in more than 50 armed forces worldwide. All tracked vehicles in service with the German Army run on KNDS tracks.

At the Remscheid site, highly qualified employees develop and produce tracks and other components for military and civil applications with the speed, efficiency and uncompromising commitment to quality that sets KNDS Tracks apart from the competition. As the only track manufacturer worldwide that develops and produces all key rubber and steel track components in-house, KNDS Tracks delivers products capable of fulfilling the demands of every fleet in any terrain with unrivalled durability, easy maintenance and long-term cost efficiency. Furthermore, by working in close coordination with clients and users, KNDS Tracks is able to develop customised solutions for any tracked vehicle and bring them into service in the shortest possible timescale.

KNDS Tracks is an important member of the KNDS Group, European market leader for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles.


„KNDS Tracks is in a class of ist own, being the only supplier worldwide that develops, produces and delivers both steel and rubber tracks and has the capability to meet the requirements of any fleet.”